Zodiac 2

The Zodiac Series came about by accident. I drew a crab that I hoped would be popular with folks who live near the shore. When I showed it to a friend, she remarked, “Oh, Cancer! Are you doing the Zodiac?” So, I did.

Here it is. (Click on an image to see it larger.)

The Ram
March 21-April 19 Element: Fire
First in the Zodiacal year, this mola ram leaps under a Mayan sun.
The Bull
April 20-May 20
Element: Earth
Taurus, as a mola bull, paws the ground.
The Twins
June 20-July 20
Element: Air
The Twins are based on pre-Colombian pottery rubbings, found in Cocli province in Panama.
The Crab
June 22-July 22
Element: Water
A mola crab surrounded by a constellation of starfish. I drew this first, just to draw a crab, when asked if it was cancer from the Zodiac, I decided to draw the whole series.
The Lion
July 23-August 22
Element: Fire
This mola lion looks like it could be striding across a Roman fresco.
The Virgin
August 23-September 22
Element: Earth
This “molaized” Virgin is based on pre-Colombian pottery rubbings, found in Cocli province in Panama.
The Scales
September 23-October 22
Element: Air
Libra is the only constellation that is non-animate.
The Scorpion
October 23-November 21
Element: Water
About my own sign, the scorpion, I remember the one that crawled out of a shoe I was about to put on one morning at the beach in Rio Mar.
The Archer
November 22- December 21
Element: Fire
While done in the mola style the archer is based on the centaur Chiron from Greek myth.
The Goat
December 22-January 19
Element: Earth
Sometimes a goat, other times a “mergoat,” as I’ve drawn Capricorn.
The Water Bearer
January 20-February 18
Element: Air
This is Chac Mool, most often represented as a Mayan fertility God, prayed to for rain to water corn crops. Brief article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chac_Mool
The Fish
February 19-March 20
Element: Water
I found the original of these fish on pre-Colombian painted pottery from Panama.