WD Paisley Pig

Winner of the 2010 Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award

Paisley Pig & Friends: A Multicultural ABC (2009?)

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The Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award celebrates and honors nonfiction children’s books to assist teachers, librarians, and parents in identifying outstanding books for their students and children. Gold and Silver awards are selected each year, reflecting a wide range of nonfiction genres and age level interest. Paisley Pig & Friends won a Silver award in 2010.

 Praise for Paisley Pig & Friends

Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC (5.27.10) The book is a teacher’s dream. Not only is there beautiful art on each page, done in different styles linked through alliteration, but the author/artist includes brief background information on each art style. The maps showing where the style of the art on the page is from are helpful, as are the descriptions. I could use this as an art teacher or as a springboard for studying world cultures. Plus, it’s plain old beautiful. Well done Ms. Bascom!

—Katalin M. Welch “booknut”

A good read that will encourage conversation with all ages (11.1.11) We got this book for our one-year-old and she loves the pictures, flipping through and chattering at each new page. Her older friends and cousins read the descriptions of the cultural background (and geography!) of each artistic style and this sparks GREAT conversations! We look forward to using it to learn the alphabet and colors in the coming months and years. The artist/author clearly enjoys children and has thought about what makes art accessible to them, including in the appendix lists of animals and colors to search the book for. We enjoy this book and have recently ordered prints of some of our favorite pages for our daughter’s nursery through the artist’s website. Very cute!

—S. Brady

A Wonderful Teaching Tool! (4.9.11) What a piece of art! I highly recommend this book to teachers and anyone else hoping to teach their little ones about the world. The little vignettes for each letter of the alphabet are interesting and unique – the drawings fantastic. Willow Bascom, the author, has obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating this book. I think it’s a great way to teach the ABCs AND also a perfect way to teach about what a wondrous and diverse world we have.

—Kristina Schram, author


I was diagnosed with lupus after my third child was born. For a decade I struggled with the disease while my love for drawing was pushed aside. When the lupus went into remission, I was left with a lot of connective tissue damage, particularly to my hands. When my right (dominant hand) thumb stopped being able to grasp objects, I had corrective surgery. My post-surgery therapist was one of the kindest of women, so when I learned that she and her family loved pigs I decided to draw one for her. It was also a test, to see if I could still draw. I could! Exuberant, I drew, pondering how to fill the pig: in plaid? With purple polka dots? No!…paisley! Suddenly, visions of a variety of animals, each with alliterative fill-ins, began to populate my mind and the alphabet book was born. After I drew the Paisley Pig, followed by Quails in a Quatrefoil and Argyle Alligators, I realized that if I were to choose carefully, each letter could highlight a different art style from around the world.