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For a few years after I started drawing, I couldn’t draw an acceptable cat. I tried every 6 months or so and failed miserably. Finally, I checked out books on cats from the library, immersed myself, and tried again.

I chose this drawing’s colors by searching “jewel tones” and finding this embroidery floss selection.

I was happy with these cats! I chose the color scheme by searching “jewel tones” and found a selection of embroidery floss. I like the tomcat with the orange face and diamond fill. His ear looks like he has been in a fight. The border comes from one of my favorite books, The Grammar of Ornament.

Next, my friend Laurie sent me a picture of her cat:

Another friend, Janine, shared with me a picture of her two kittens, saying they are as different as night and day:

(All of the astronomical bodies in the blue cat are from the Hubble Telescope website.)

I now offer pet portraits on commission. If you have a beloved pet you would like me to draw for you, please contact me: willow@willowdraws.com.

Our cat, Patches, was with us for 18 years. She was a rescue kitten – our children found her in the woods after a horrible night of Georgia thunderstorms. As they were begging to keep her, she rested her head on my foot – of course, I couldn’t resist!

When we had to put her to sleep, the vet suggested that I’d feel better if I wrote her a eulogy. Instead, I drew it:

Those drawings led me to draw a eulogy for my dad’s dog, Jo Jo, a border collie he had for 14 years and still misses very much:

A few vets have told me they like to send the “Patches” and “Jo Jo” angel cards as condolence cards. I have them in my online store, and offer a quantity discount on pet angel cards to veterinarians.

Since drawing Patches and Jo Jo, I have had no trouble drawing cats or dogs!

My Baby Blessing line includes cats:

And my Counting Critters booklet includes cats for the number 7: