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Available as Cards and Prints

Cards: high quality, sleeved 5″ x 7″ linen card with envelope, blank inside.     Prints: fine art paper, UV-resistant ink.

You can also buy my coloring book with 24 turtles from different cultures here:  A World of Turtles to Color.

Yoruba Turtle

Ijapa is a figure in many folk tales of the Yoruba People of present day Nigeria. Wise, cunning and, when deceitful, a prime example of how to not behave if village life is to be peaceful.

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In Lakota Sioux tradition time is measured by lunar cycles, which the turtle, Keya, embodies on her shell. The thirteen sections on her back correspond to the thirteen moons in a year and are surrounded by twenty-eight smaller segments; the number of days in a month. 

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Dreamtime Turtle

The turtle is often featured in aboriginal Dreamtime stories and origin myths. Turtles can represent everything from love and common sense to the offending character in tales clarifying village norms.


Barkcloth Sea Turtles

Barkcloth is made by soaking and beating strips of inner tree bark, creating a strong flexible cloth similar to felt. Patterns are painted or stenciled on the bark with tree sap and mud.

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1,001 Nights Tortoise Tale

Adoring tortoises cause the downfall of a heathcock who rests upon their island in a tale Scheherazade told to keep the Sultan from killing her.

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Kurma, Vishnu’s Second Incarnation

In Hinduism Vishnu has many incarnations and is responsible for holding creation together and safeguarding it from obliteration by evil forces. As Kurma he rescues creation by tricking demons to win a massive war between good and evil.

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Kikkou from the Middle Period

Kikkou is the tortoise shell pattern found in Japanese textiles of the Edo period (between 1603 and 1868). This sample is from an Atsuita costume used in Noh performances, an ancient theatrical form. I changed the colors fom rusts, gold, and copper to the soothing colors of the sea.

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Turtle Medallion Kilim

Kilims are similar to Persian rugs, but are woven flat with more geometric designs. The turtle motif represents saints and protects against evil forces.

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Mayan Cosmic Turtle

A crack in the back of the Mayan Cosmic Turtle is the entree to New Creation for the Maize God. A recently uncovered wall mural in Guatemala shows this scene in great detail and bright, unfaded colors.

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Mola Medallion Turtle

At times the sea of life seems jagged and harsh, but the sea turtle remains calm and stable. Many cultures ascribe wisdom, longevity, and stability to the sea turtle because of its long life and ability to traverse mighty distances and still return home.


Turtle Blessings

May the blessings of the turtle bring your little one protection, wisdom, happiness & a long life.

Sayings and beliefs from Hawaii, Asia and Native Americans.

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A Pair of Flounders                                                    Marine Turtle

Only available as prints. These make a lovely set, but sell individually too.