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Willow’s Presentations

Willow actively engages students, addressing them at their age level. Here she’s asking a question at the Cavendish Elementary School, Cavendish VT
Encouraging a young girl to share her thoughts at a Borders Bookstore presentation in NH.
Willow always travels with a large bag of textiles and decorated items that show the real-world decorative techniques she used in her alphabet book. The props help to make tangible connections between the book’s images and the world cultures from which Willow drew her artistic inspiration as she invites her audiences to handle the props and pass them around.
Willow’s medical history adds an extra dimension to her presentations. With the onset of Lupus in the early 1990s, Willow has experienced a loosening of the ligaments of her fingers, as can be clearly seen in this photo. Despite her challenge, she continues to produce art by creatively adapting to her circumstances. Whenever children ask, Willow comfortably talks about her changing abilities and her persistence in accomplishing her goals.

To schedule a presentation with Willow….

Telephone: (802) 672-5390


Paisley Pig & Friends is available at a special discount price at her events and she is pleased to autograph copies.

Her honorarium is $250 for a half-day (3hrs), $400 for a full day (6hrs), plus travel expenses.