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Paisley Pig & Friends: A Multicultural ABC

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Paisley Pig is a unique ABC book that offers a different traditional style of folk art for each letter of the alphabet, displays a map of the world highlighting the place where that style originated, and offers a brief introduction to the culture of the people.

In addition to a dominant animal, such as Argyle Alligators for the letter A, this book includes interesting smaller animals like alpaca and aardvark for the letter A or the zorilla for the letter Z. You can identify animals through a handy guide at the back of the book.

Dominant colors are also alphabetically identified. Apple Red, Fuscia, and Jade are a few of the colors listed in a second guide to help children identify the colors used in Paisley Pig. And a third guide offers pronunciation help.

The unique character of this book, its smart mix of art, culture, geography, zoology and language arts, and the brilliant images and charming depiction of both common and little-known animals, makes Paisley Pig popular with children and a favorite among teachers, homeschoolers, parents and grandparents – and won it a 2010 Eureka! Silver Book Award from the California Reading Association.

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