——– Here are some Bugs, Butterflies & Creepy Crawlies (oh, and Dragons, too!) ——–

Insects and creepy things are the most numerous of earth’s creatures. I enjoy including them in my art. I’ve also noticed that children’s art is sometimes too “pretty.” We need MORE BUGS!!

My most recent buggy project is this butterfly. Drawn for Megabrands, it will come out soon as a shaped puzzle.

This batik butterfly was created for my alphabet book
My first butterfly was drawn in the classic mola style. It is the last thing I was able to draw with Berol Prismacolor pencils, due to pain in my hands. After this piece, I started drawing with markers and in Photoshop.
This is the batik butterfly adapted for my Baby Blessing line.

Two mola toucans with a spiderweb frame.
This is one of my most popular pieces. For a discussion of the symbolism of dragonflies, see “Dragonflies in Culture” (http:www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragonfly)

The idea for Celtic Lizards came to me one morning as I was waking up. Often, I go to sleep working on my next drawing, and wake up with a full-blown idea.
Whiptail lizards are common in Panama. I used to love observing them at the beach.
I drew this chameleon for a little girl who loves them.
In ancient Egypt the Scarob Beetle was sacred, seen as a symbol of the sun god, Ra.

Eastern and Western Dragon hold the world in their claws. Surrounded by peace in a multitude of languages (including Klingon!) SHANTI/Sanskrit SHLAMAA/Aramaic MИP/Russian SIDI/Tibetan SALAM/Arabic OKIKIAMGENOKA/Abenaki PAZ/Portuguese, Spanish SULHA/Divehi, Maldives, SHALOM/Hebrew PEACE/English NYEINJANYEI/Burmese THAYU/Gikuyu, Kenya LAPÉ/Creole, Haiti FRED/Swedish RÓJ/ Klingon NYE/Ntomba, Zaire
Western Dragon
Eastern Dragon