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Available as Cards and Prints

Cards: high quality, sleeved 5″ x 7″ linen card with envelope, blank inside.     Prints: fine art paper, UV-resistant ink

Batik Butterfly 

Butterflies transformation from caterpillar to cocoon and ultimately the gossamer, colorful butterfly has made them a symbol of transformation in many cultures.

Adapted from the illustration for the letter B in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC

 Mola Butterfly

A mola butterfly with the flowers it pollinates.

Pollinator Mandala

Card has complete mandala wrapped around fold. Wall art only available in square dimensions.

To see square version click here.



Butterfly Blessings

May the delicate touch of the butterfly bless your little one with a gentle soul and a long life filled with peace, fortune, and happiness.

Sayings and beliefs from China, Greece, ancient Celts, and an Irish blessing.

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The most predominant perception of the dragonfly is as an agent of change and self realization. Comfortable in the three worlds of air, land, and water the dragonfly re- sponds gracefully to gentle breezes as well as buffeting winds.