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Paisley Pig Reviews

“What a piece of art! I highly recommend this book to teachers and anyone else hoping to teach their little ones about the world. The little vignettes for each letter of the alphabet are interesting and unique – the drawings fanstastic. Willow Bascom, the author, has obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating this book. I think it’s a great way to teach the ABCs AND also a perfect way to teach about what a wondrous and diverse world we have..”

“Creative, colorful, imaginative. I will give this book to all new babies and their parents. We all benefit from the sensitive intercultural perspective presented in this wonderful book.”

“The book is a teacher’s dream. Not only is there beautiful art on each page, done in different styles linked through alliteration, but the author/artist includes brief background information on each art style. The maps showing where the style of the art on the page is from are helpful as are the descriptions. I could use this as an art teacher or as a springboard for studying world cultures. Plus, it’s plain old beautiful.”

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A World of Cats to Color

Not just a coloring book! Each cat comes from a different culture and as you add color you experience the variety of ways peoples of the world create their unique patterns and designs. In addition to 24 cats there are 8 pages filled with background information, quotes, and interesting facts. A fascinating journey into art, literature, and the world’s cultures through cats.

Available for purchase on Amazon here.

A World of Turtles to Color

Turtles: Hindu God Vishnus second incarnation, immortality versus having children, formation of the North American continent, and peyote visions all have turtles in common. A World of Turtles to Color visually tracks turtles from prehistoric rock art, creation myths, and stories with turtle protagonists. And yet it is not really a book about turtles. It is about how we can look at the same thing and see so many different things. As you color I hope you will contemplate each turtles story. Some turtles are intricately drawn, others are simpler.This often reflects the original medium of that turtle in that culture. Jump around and color the turtle whose storyor image attracts you. My hope is that when you have finished meeting and coloring these turtle you will have avisceral awareness of the breadth of humanity’s ways of seeing and our shared desire to understand our world.