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Available as Cards and Prints

Cards: high quality, sleeved 5″ x 7″ linen card with envelope, blank inside.     Prints: fine art paper, UV-resistant ink

Hummingbird & Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a favorite of hummingbirds because the center is composed of tiny florets, each containing a bit of nectar.

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Mola Owl

Seeking the wisdom, agility and strength of the owl.  

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Owl with Harvest Moon

A Great Horned Owl perches under a full moon. The harvest moon is closest to the autumnal equinox. Its brightness gives farmers more time to harvest before the first frost.


 Flamingo Mama

A flamingo mom nurtures new life.

Hummingbirds and Hibiscus

Hummingbirds gather nectar from hibiscus blooms.

Two Toucans

Inspired by molas from my collection and leaves from my backyard. I love the contrast of the blue/red spider web. This piece was almost complete when lupu struck hard, A friend finished the colored pencil for me. Special 16″ x 20″ print available.


Rooster and Rising Sun

Celebrate the dawn of a new day, new venture, new life stage, or new… along with this mola rooster. 


Speckled Sussex

One of my favorite breeds!


Gingham Goose

Whilst walking a gander takes a gander.

 Adapted from the illustration for the letter G in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.


Hopi Hummingbird

In Hopi legend hummingbirds successfully implore the gods for rain during a drought.

Illustration for the letter H in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.


Chicken Family Portrait


Pre-Colombian Hummers

Ancient Zapotec, Mayan and Aztec stella and pottery designs recreate a beloved scene for hummungbird watchers.


Northwest Coast Nightingale

A singing nightingale on the back of a nurse shark bordered by needle fish, all in the style of the Northwest Coast Peoples. (Interesting fact: there are very few animals that start with N!)

Illustration for the letter N in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.

 Storks deliver babies in folklore as diverse as North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

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