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Available as Cards and Prints

Cards: high quality, sleeved 5″ x 7″ linen card with envelope, blank inside.     Prints: fine art paper, UV-resistant ink.

Giraffe under a Bwa Sun Mask

A giraffe strolls staidly across the African savannah under a sun mask of the Bwa people of Burkino Faso.


Elephants in Love

Bedecked by designs from India’s rich textile history, an elephant family dotes on their baby.


Lucky Elephant

Mehndi designs, the traditional henna painting of Hindi brides, bedecks a good luck elephant and helpful tick tick bird.


Good Fortune Pandas

In China pandas embody the peace and harmony of yin yang and bring good luck.


Aztec Ram

An Aztec ram leaps in front of an erupting volcano.


Chintz Camel

Chintz refers to cotton fabric printed or painted with flowers, figures, or geometric designs in five colors or more.This fabric originated in India.

Illustration for the letter C in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.


Peace Lion

My Peace Lion has a mane filled with mudcloth designs from Mali. To make mudcloth, the men first weave the cloth, then the women paint the designs, each of which is rich in meaning.


Mosaic Lion

Fusion of African design and Roman mosaics.


Mola Monkey

A monkey moseys through the tropical rainforest with a millipede, moth and mouse. 

Illustration for the letter M in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.


Paisley Pig

The paisley design is very old. Some say its curved teardrop shape represents a seed from the tree of life.

Illustration for the letter P in Paisley Pig and Friends: A Multicultural ABC.